Norwich NLP Hypnotherapy Treatments and Trainings with Senior Master Hypnotherapist Rick Maczka

Audio and TV clips of my work, Plus PDF's of Hypnotherapy and NLP related courses

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This is a live session, for best results you may want to watch it and pause the video, to absorb the comments as it all happens pretty quickly. This is aimed at students of NLP for educational purposes.

Below here in Part 2 of the session, you can already see a change in client. I teach her Peripheral vision to have more state control and set some anchors non-verbally. Pause and watch several times to follow whats happening on many levels.This is for students of NLP and Hypnotherapy.

Below is final part of the NLP session. Here you get to  see Collapsing Anchors spatially, plus all I add in to make it work. Notice differrence in state in client from session 1. Pause and rewatch to catch all that's happening in my use of NLP.
This is for students of NLP and Hypnotherapy.

NLP Intro example of NLP Pre-Study Audio by NLP Hypnotherapy Training

Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation-guided with Introduction by MindfulnessBasedTherapies

Listen here or download for free ! Enjoy

Frequently asked questions on NLP Hypnotherapy and Body Language by NLP Hypnotherapy Training

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Rick reveals his past and teaches TAT in video

Owl Phobia Treated on TV

More Phobias including scotch eggs

Even more treatments using NLP Hypnotherapy and EFT

Weight loss through EFT TFT and NLP

Bee Phobia

before and after treatment on phobias

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