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Norwich NLP Hypnotherapy Treatments and Trainings with Senior Master Hypnotherapist Rick Maczka

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Rick Maczka

 Norwich, Hypnotherapy

I have learned people can change almost anything in their lives with the right guidance
My life's passion is enabling change, and making a difference in the world
, What's yours?

Welcome to my website, this site is here to help you to discover if I can help you with getting rid of something in your life, such as an unwanted emotion, thought pattern, or a behaviour. I can also help you to gain new skills, new mindsets and a positive attitude for the life you want to live.

I'm Rick Maczka, a Hypnotherapist with many qualifications and over 18 years of experience in the field of Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Life Coaching and Transactional Analysis.

What is holding you back? or stopping you have the quality of life you know you could have, if you could only stop going round in circles, find the key to unlock your real self, or get rid of old habits of thinking and feeling? My vast experience of the use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming), life Coaching, or many of the other therapies I have studied may be the difference, that makes a difference for you, as it has for thousands of others.

I have proudly worked with people who want to make changes in their personal or business lives, through stopping something, or getting rid of behaviours or negative thinking, through to professional sports people like MMA Fighters, Boxers, Pro Body Builders, Champion weight lifters, people who have rowed the Atlantic, or hand wheeled themselves in a wheelchair around the world. I have worked with major celebrities through to the average person in life. I make no distinctions, I believe everyone has talents and skills even if they may not realise it yet themselves, until after the clearing out of what holds a person back occurs with my guidance. So part of my work is to help those talents and skills shine, get expressed and made use of. Sometimes it is about learning a new skill or adding to a skill set you already have.

Everyone is unique and, therefore requires a unique approach and combination of treatments. NLP and Hypnotherapy in particular have hundreds of tools available to help clients bring about change in themselves. Clients can be quickly assessed by myself with a FREE consultation either face to face or over the phone, whatever you are most comfortable with. My job is to get you to where you want to be in life, and allow you to maintain your new way of being in a way that suits you, and that is realistic for your lifestyle. 

I specialise in helping people through the use of Psychotherapy, NLP and Hypnotherapy: Social Anxiety, Low self Esteem, Teeth Grinding, Weight loss (4 Session clinic), Low Mood, Gaining Emotional Stability, Fear of Public Speaking, Blushing, Bereavement, Anxiety, Irrational fears, Phobias, Anger Management(Anger Clinics), PTSD, Pain management, Panic attacks, Overcoming Traumas, Negative habits, Confidence building, Sexual Problems, Sports Improvement, Stopping Smoking, life Coaching and so much more... just ask.

This web site is for those seeking personal therapy or to become a student of NLP or Hypnotherapy, have one to one Supervision, or attend my new 'Mindfulness Based Therapies' style trainings.

Free audio and tips are available on this page below.

I am probably best known for my quick change work shown on various TV shows. I have appeared on  BBC's The One show, The Trisha Goddard show (for 10 years), LWT’s series on Mistresses and various shows on channel 5, sky-TV, ITV and ITV2. I have treated and helped people to get rid of (in less than 30 Min's) a wide range of phobias on stage during TV Shows. I have helped many angry people to gain calm in their lives, and many people to free themselves of limiting beliefs, anxiety and depression.

I'm available in Norwich, where I have my private practice, and give treatments or trainings using my wide range of experience in treating over 10,000 clients, and running trainings in many contexts since 1994. Feel free to contact me for a Free consultation or if you want more information or to ask more questions then send me an email, or phone me directly. I will reply in under 24 hours to all inquiries. Distance is no object, I've had people make the journey to receive therapy from me from all over the country and the world, there's something in the journey that makes it all the more worthwhile. Skype is available for some treatments when suitable.

I'm proud of my achievements, coming from a background where I was asked to leave school for my poor attitude, I had undiagnosed Dyslexia, I was expected to amount to nothing in life, I felt stupid and that something was wrong with me. My attitude has changed, I have the 'gift of dyslexia', I've got a life, work for the love of it and believe in myself. I have my Dream job.
I'm not cheap for Norwich charging on a sliding scale £100 to £65 per session, although I give concessions where negotiable. Discounts are available for weight loss Clinics (4 sessions mixing Hypnotherapy, NLP and secrets of motivation learned over the last 20 years). I hope to hear from you !

I work quickly, thoroughly, effectively and safely to help a person gain control in their lives. Your mind learns quicker than you think, with the aid of Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, NLP and other psychological approaches most problems are treated in, or under 4 sessions. In most cases these sessions can be spread out overtime to enable changes to settle into your life, or for you to  gain practice of new ways of behaving, and feeling in various areas of your life. See the video section page for my work, results and audio material.

If you want to know more about NLP and or Hypnotherapy, and what they are please refer to the various pages listed above.


 Norwich, Hypnotherapy

Stress relief using Meridian Based Therapies, do it as many times, or as long, as needed.This a quick demo, it may take you a couple of minutes to get relief.It has many applications for emotional and physical complaints, safe, simple, and effective. If using for something physical in nature please make sure you have spoken to a DR about your symptoms, as for instance Pain is the bodies way of alerting you to something.

Super Charge your Relaxation by NLP Hypnotherapy Training

This above Audio example of a relaxation experience, is freely available right now, for you to listen to here and for you to return to if you notice the benefits.The Audio uses a mixture of NLP and Hypnotherapy to bring about relaxation. Set a few minutes aside to listen, relax . Repeated listening will deepen your experience. This example works best with headphones. If you wish to purchase this or any other audio MP3 's please email me for details. In future my products will be produced under the name Green Buddha Productions. Green as I want to promote 'Green' products, with recycled materials, and also the Green Buddha in Buddhism is associated with unstoppability and Fearlessness.

Mindfulness Body Scan by MindfulnessBasedTherapies

Feel free to download this example of a Mindfulness body scan. Or just listen to it here. Enjoy.

 Norwich, Hypnotherapy

Latest News  2016
Upcoming Trainings for you
7 Day Fast Track - certification in NLP Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching - with pre-study
May 7th to 13th or 23rd July to 29th or August 20th to 26th or October 8th to 14th £1200
Book now for Discounts 
Intro Day - What is NLP?  How to run your Mind
30th April £29 (bring a friend or book a group for Discount)
Master Class - Time Based Change - techniques of Time lining and reframing
June 11/12th £300 Book now for Discounts
Master Class - Rapid Induction & Interventions - speed up your practice
July 9/10th Book now for Discounts 
Introduction to NLP & Hypnotherapy - learn the basics
September 10/11th £29 Book now for Discounts
NLP Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching Certification training - Learn Skills for all your Life - 10 months 1 weekend per month - starts September 24/25th £1200
Master Class - Hypnotherapy - one day to lean and enhance your skills
October 2nd £150 Book now for Discounts
Monthly CPD group - continue learning - covering everything to do with practice- 2nd Tuesday of each month £10 per session 7pm to 9pm
Venue: The Orange Grove Clinic
Book Now for discounts
More trainings to be announced soon; Public speaking - face your fears, overcome your fear, plan & structure presentations, be interesting. Anger Management - time to take charge of your emotions. Anxiety group - put your worries behind you ! learn to focus your energy positively and calmly.  
 Contact 0778 754 2765 or 01603 631900


Hypnotherapy Training

Become a Hypnotherapist registered with the ABH (American Board of Hypnotherapy) and GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register)

CLick here for Info on Training to be a Hypnotherapist

CLick here for Info on NLP Practitioner courses


Phone:Rick Directly: 0778 754 2765  Call or text me and I can call you back

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A simple experience of relaxing.A  Hypnotherapy CD or MP3 to aid Relaxation

 If you just want to sell something unethical, or make money from 'manipulation' please visit another trainer !

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